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We are an interested party to the preservation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Our product is the answer to a search for a perfect BC vacation. We have undertaken this venture to supply the outdoor adventurer with an alternative to that long-drawn-out search for information that we encountered.

Our CD-ROM is the answer to your moving and vacation planning headaches. The development of the CD-ROM began in late 1997, and since have completed the best CD for BC.

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Google: for "British Columbia vacation planner guide", you find Results 1 - 10 of about 254,000
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Where do you start?
Are they what you are looking for?
Are they too self focused or too commercial for your budget?

About the product: Our company product is A CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC©. Vacation Destinations British Columbia is our first of a series for Canada.

Our Outreach and Objective

Our outreach is to gain interest from the residents, businesses and travelers of British Columbia. We welcome; Advertisers / contributors of stories related to British Columbia. We cover all the regions in British Columbia: Small Communities/Towns and include Associations throughout British Columbia, we welcome your organization to come aboard.

Company / Product Expansion

Expansion depends upon you. You the viewer, we value your feedback. Advertising, sponsors and updates depend upon what you the viewer and vacationer require. Assist us to help you, by writing us on what is required for better improving and simplifying your vacation and leisure plans and that of future visitors and buyers. All inquiries/ideas answered, and welcomed. In reaching into the regions of British Columbia, we will service a broader market by allowing smaller communities to come on board. We offer all the communities and associations a special offer to come aboard. So give us the best of your community and reach more people.

We will go beyond the regions of British Columbia for you. We are expanding into Canada at large, with a similar format and will be marketing and selling to retailers domestic and abroad.

Updates information: Updates for our CD-ROM, will be available on the Internet or by contacting us directly. As well, any updates will be advertised to the public by the Internet and by mail to the registered buyers.

In closing: Thank you for taking the time to read this file. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Remember we can serve you better if you inform us of any features you want to see.


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