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WestCoast Treasures cdrom product and services will meet and surpass any you have noted before.

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WestCoast Treasures cdrom providing the most innovative Vacationing and marketing tool for your home or business!

We offer our product for: Promotions and Advertising. We are currently seeking Sponsorship and reviewing our Investment Proposal.

We have available for viewing, to "selected viewers", our Investment Proposal and complete Business Plan. We have Special Product pricing for Tourism - Travel related businesses. We welcome your inquiry, contact us for details at: Click here for agent orders

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x»»Product Promotions:
WestCoast Treasures cdrom can help small, medium and large size businesses meet a greater goal for their business. Introduce yourself to our Promotions section. Contact us for that personal touch in meeting your business needs..

x»»Investing & Sponsorship:
WestCoast Treasures cdrom has placement for your company. We will work with your company for cdrom designs, distribution sources and corporate hospitality gift packages. With your participation, we can build your business around the Games and meet the needs of guests, staff and vacationers alike. Please visit our Non-disclosure agreement and get started today.

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Introduce your company to the World Wide web with an Advertisement on our web site. Test the market, see the viewers response. Get a feel for the on-line market before a full web site is developed. Expand your horizons, advertise on-line! Complete our Information Request Form
( requires adobe acrobat ) and have your advertisement on line within 24 hours. We offer special placement in our product (advertising) and on our web site. More info

Register your company NOW! A big advantage of your company advertising in our CD-ROM is that it will guarantee a permanent listing of your company in British Columbia at a one time low advertising cost. Check with us now for availability and register soon.

x»»Special Product Pricing:
Special pricing is available on our CD-R's to Companies: Travel Agents and Tour Operators. If you operate a business in Travel/Tourism and wish to use our product as part of an incentive package, we can help you. Contact us or
Click here for agent orders page for more information.

»» The 2010 Winter Olympics, combined with an expanded convention center in Vancouver, generated billions in direct economic activity. Be a part of it with WestCoast Treasures cdrom More......

To receive an information package or details on how to receive this valuable cdrom for promotions, call us today at: 1-604-633-2340 or e-mail us at:

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British Columbia Travel Guide

» Vancouver, BC – Tourism Destinations British Columbia Cd-rom Vacation Planner Guide, and Outdoor Adventure Guide with detailed information on the province is now available for private sale. Resellers and Corporate promotional packages also available.

This cdrom guide is now in its 8th year and continues to be a valuable source of information for visitors to the province.

» The British Columbia Vacation Planner has easily-accessed information on each of the provinces'  regions:. Attractions, activities, events, hotels, motels, resorts, inns, cottages, bed & breakfasts, hostels, recreational vehicle parks, campgrounds and much more.   This user-friendly guide details what truly makes each region an integral part of this spectacular province.

Vacationers and Adventure-seekers alike need look no further than this CD-ROM entitled; Vacation Destinations British Columbia.   It is jam-packed with suggestions that can be tailored to each outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Each section – gives details on where to find adventures, how to get to the location and who to call for details.

Assist Your Clients In Exploring BC with Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM.

* WestCoast Treasures cdrom: Product Services and Information; Ordering and Information Request Form.( ).

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We have a product that is specially made for your business. Click on scrolling image (s) below for advertising Screens available.

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British Columbia Travel Guide
by WestCoast Treasures cdrom

Welcome aboard A Letter to BC Travel Related Businesses
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